The original iGottit tablet sleeve idea and concept was conceived literally in bed. My wife Emilee and I both purchased the very first iPhones available and were hooked on the Apple mobile devices from the start. Once we started to use the original iPad we noticed how cumbersome and frustrating the device was to continuelly hold or grasp with our fingers and hands. It became tiresome holding the iPad up to read or type while lying in bed or sitting…

Amazing and Unique Design

Once unpackaged and in your hands simply insert your tablet into the secure outside neoprene corners, then simply insert your fingers into the outside elastic webbing loops to hold, grasp, grip, carry and transport with ease and convenience. All access point openings are perfectly aligned for the tablet camera lens to take steady digital photos and to connect with an auxiliary ear bud system.

Protection and Control

Durable and resilient composition, our product is fabricated from sturdy synthetic materials for lasting useful life. A soft neoprene interior front to protect a tablet from abrasions and scratches, a foam rubber and hard plastic interior to protect from dropping, impacts or unintended contact and sealed with a waterproof nylon exterior back with elastic webbing finger loops that come in small, medium and large sizes.

Ideal for any Lifestyle

Our product will transform and reshape how a tablet user considers holding, gripping, grasping, reading, typing, gaming, photo taking, transporting and protecting their personal electronic device while living their daily routine. Lie in bed or on a couch, sit at a table or in back seat of a car and feel how easy it is to type emails, texts, read, play games, stream video or just surf the World Wide Web.

Product Colors and Images

Our product will only be available in black and also several specially designed sleeves for the first phase of production and delivery to our Kickstarter backers. The Patriot Edition with depict the American flag on the back of the sleeve, the Corporate Edition will depict corporate backers name and logo and the Founders Edition will be customized to that specific backer. Available soon!


Introducing a New Generation iPad Sleeve

The iGottit(TM)

Tablets have never been so easy to use. Innovative, Economical, Simple Protective

Our Goal

The goal of the iGottit Company will be to provide the customer with a well designed, solidly constructed and durable soft goods product specifically manufactured for tablet users. The iGottit Sleeve will offer our customer a personalized, economical, effortless and efficient solution to the problem of grasping, carrying, using and protecting from impact a personal tablet device.

If I had an hour to solve a problem I´d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

― Albert Einstein

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Our team

Origin Applications LLC & iGottit Company


Emilee Gayler

Inventor & Co-Founder


Bill Gayler

Inventor & CoFounder

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