Bill & Emilee Gayler iGottit Cofounders
Bill & Emilee Gayler iGottit Cofounders

The original iGottit tablet sleeve idea and concept was conceived literally in bed while using our tablets and getting very frustrated by always changing our hand and arm positions. My wife Emilee and I both purchased the very first iPhones available and were hooked on the Apple mobile devices from the start. We have upgraded to the newest model at every opportunity including when the newest iPads were released. We used these first iPhones to read at home, the gym, in bed and on vacation, books that were purchased on both the Kindle and iBooks apps so we were both anxiously awaiting the larger screened iPad to be available for sale.

Long story short once we started to use the original iPad we noticed how cumbersome and frustrating the device was to continuelly hold or grasp with our fingers and hands. It became tiresome holding the iPad up to read or type while lying in bed or sitting in a chair. We also noticed that when we carried it in one hand it was quite slippery and had to pay attention when carrying other items with it as not to drop it.


While laying in bed reading with Emilee one night I said “Hey Honey, wouldn’t it be cool if there were one of my circuit training gloves velcrowed to the back and I could hold it with one hand?” She laughed and said what about both your gloves and you could use either hand?

Training gloves velcrowed on the iPad idea

Training gloves velcrowed on the iPad idea

1st iGottit protoype made by furniture upholsterers

1st iGottit protoype made by furniture upholsterers

Front View

Front View











Hmmm IDEA! The next morning Emilee got up from bed and grabbed her iPad and accidently dropped it, the look on her face was the fear of cracking her screen and having to spend $100 to fix it. The primary culprit of a damaged iPhone or iPad is the cla . ssic, (clumsy drop from the user’s hand. ). Having the iPhone or iPad fall out of the user’s lap, be knocked off a table or get drenched in a liquid spill were the next most common reasons for damage, respectively. Hmmm Emilee suggested a BETTER IDEA! Gloves with a protective sleeve. GREATER IDEA! Elastic finger loops sewn on the back of a protective sleeve.


We both went to work on THE HOW! I took pencil and paper for some crude drawings and designs and once I came up with a concept I went off to locate preliminary fabrics and material. Emilee began the design work for a name and cool logo.

Photos of several of the first prototypes used for patent drawings

Photos of several of the first prototypes used for patent drawings

iGottit name and logo created by Emilee Gayler

iGottit name and logo created by Emilee Gayler


The patented and trademarked iGottit Tablet Sleeve. This product is a protective sleeve consisting of 5 components:

1. A waterproof nylon back.

2. A protective inside layer consisting of a thin lightweight slice of hard plastic.

3. A soft foam rubber slice glued to the hard plastic.

4. A soft sleeve interior front made up of neoprene so as to not scratch the back of the tablet.

5. The nylon back is stitched with four soft elastic finger loops that allow the user to use the device with both hands, one hand, or just several fingers on either hand.

The tablet is held in place with four strong neoprene corners and sides that keep it safely and securely held in place while using but also has the stretching capabilities of getting the tablet in and out of the sleeve easily. There are opening access points or fabric knobs that are used for the camera, on/off volume, head phone aux and charging areas.

The utility patent could not have been possible with designing a prototype concept, shopping for materials & fabrics and then locating a soft good fabricator to sew and stitch the original iGottit. Once we had fabricated several prototype with many modifications I made an appointment with a patent attorney to see if he thought it was an idea that could possibly be approved for a utility patent. His first statement to me was “William it the simplest ideas like this that make my clients money.” The iGottit patent # 9,259,076 was approved in the fall of 2015 granted February 2016.


We are launching a Kickstarter Campaign for the several reasons. 

1. To raise capital to hire a recognized prototyping company to CAD design a finished product, design the patterns, choose the best materials and assist in locating a manufacturer to construct final prototypes and products to be deliver to the Kickstarter backer. The company will focus on the iPad initially but once the final prototype and pattern is completed the iGottit for the Android and Surface users follow. Our product design team will also create a 3D virtual product slideshow for our website iGottit.com. The team will finalize requirements for the best, most durable and efficient materials/fabrics for manufacturing. The team will also be designing  conceptuals for future personalized products with different types of logos and visuals to be placed on the iGottit Sleeve.

2. To raise capital to pay for current and future legal fees, patent fees, trademark fees and licensing fees.

3. To raise capital to fabricate and manufacture up to 20000+\- initial iGottit units for delivery to all our backers.

The last reason of launching the campaign is to determine the pulse of the marketplace for this product concept by the Kickstarter community. As we have seen in the past with hundreds of other campaigns the Kickstarter supporters as individual consumers will either validate or reject unique consumer products with their wallets or purses which may be just as important as the funding of capital.


Inventor & CoFounder

Hello to the Kickstarter community! I have been a member of the community since it was launched and I am a past backer but frankly my friends this is my first rodeo as a Creator. I have never invented, designed or patented a product much less manufactured any type of product so I have faith most of you possible backer that may be looking or reading our Kickstarter profile will understand we are not experts in crowdfunding but have given it an 100% effort. We are however both passionate and committed to the iGottit Sleeve product that is being presented to this community for approval and backing.
Message about the host: I have been in the commercial real estate and development profession since 1986. I attained the prestigious CCIM designation in 1990 which at the time was held by less than 4000 commercial real estate practitioners out of over 1,000,000. My family, friends and peers know me as entrepreneurial-minded, a leader, skilled professional, collaborative negotiator, thoughtful decision maker, and a innovative risk taker. I believe myself as somewhat of a visionary who excels at producing and building wealth opportunities for the future.
 I have achieved past success through strategic and niche land acquisitions, pioneering concepts, comprehensive site planning, cash flow analysis, project development, essential partnerships, political relationships and expanding brand awareness through ongoing assessment of systems and addition of cost-saving measures.
I have proven my success with over 165 commercial real estate projects over 28 years, from startup real estate firms and businesses including taverns, convenience stores, childcare centers to over one million square feet of office/retail vertical projects and over 1000 residential units by managing strategic expansion efforts based on business forecasts and market analysis.
I have always been an engaged principal who creates teams of dedicated professionals focused on performance, dedication and reliability delivering results that exceed anticipated expectations. I use methodical business creation to determine the best options for future growth through investments, acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships, advancing tactics to realizing significant return on a vast array of projects and investments. My years of experience and wisdom as a manager and consultant for residential and commercial properties will give this cool iGottit Sleeve concept a better than average chance of success.
During my professional career I have recruited and developed several teams including COO, CFO, in house counsel, office managers, assistants and interns who went on to be successful in their own endeavors. My many years of experience include negotiation of sales and lease agreements that involved acquisitions and dispositions, municipality development agreements, joint venture agreements, construction agreements and third party agreements which I have faith can be used on Shark Tank to put Mr. Wonderful in check haha!

Inventor & Co-Founder

Emilee was a best friend, mother, homemaker, wife, freind, athlete, part time mad scientist & serial inventor. She was also my idea and ideal women.
Emilee Bruschke Gayler died peacefully in her sleep on August 29th at the age of 34.  She was born in Salt Lake City Utah on February 18, 1981 and raised in Oakley, Utah until she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Emilee excelled at Cimarron Memorial as a high school athlete in both volleyball and track. She loved traveling with William, their children and family members visiting more than forty countries during her short but fruitful life. A dedicated stay-at-home mom, Emilee found immense joy when she moved to Park City in 2013. In addition to taking care of her two sons, she dedicated herself to full-time care for her companion, William, who was recovering from treatment of  throat cancer.
Emilee loved to watch her boys play sports and cuddle with them at home. Her dog Daisy Bella brought her immense joy & love. She enjoyed sitting outside on the patio deck with her family talking about life, politics, what God has intended for her future. She was loved by so many and will be missed immensely by all those lives she touched over the years. Emilee was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease called Churg-Strauss which increased her white blood cell count so much it impacted her whole bodies breakdown to the point of no return. She is in Gods Kingdom today but still guides the success of the iGottit Company from her place in Heaven.

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