Are there different sizes for the iGottit iPad Sleeve that fit both the older and newer versions of the iPad?

Yes. The iGottit will be fabricated to fit the older thicker version and also the newer thinner versions including the iPad Pro.

Will there be iGottit tablet sleeves for tablets other than the iPad?

Yes. Once the company finalizes the iGottit IPad Sleeve the development team will be prototyping an iGottit Sleeve for the next top three tablet options.

Will there be different sizes and designs for the elastic web finger loops?

Yes. Initially the iGottit will be offered in S, M, L, XL sizes. If our research show a XS size is required for customers it will be offered. The finger loops fabric will eventually be offered in different colors and textures at the time of the iGottit being offered in different colors and personalization.

How do I wash my iGottit iPad sleeve?

The iGottit IPad Sleeve is constructed from a water proof nylon material and neoprene which will allow the customer to use soap and water on a rag to wipe off most spills. There is nothing in the assembled product that would be adverse to soap and water so hypothetically it could be placed in the washing machine for a cleaning and set out to dry however we do not recommend this type of use.

Is there a warranty so that if my loops rip I can return it and get another one? Is there any kind of money back guarantee?

Yes. The consumer will just have to use the customer service link to establish a customer

support ticket and explain the issue. They will then they will then be provided with a shipping label so that the iGottit can be returned to the manufacture for either a repair or should the product be defective a new one will be promptly shipped to customer. Yes. The customer will be provided with a 60 day money back guarantee should the not like the product or how it functions.

What colors will they come in?

Initially the iGottit iPad Sleeve will come in only black during the first year of production except for our major backers who will be offered a full customization of their iGottit iPad Sleeve product. Colors will be offered to all customers during the second edition iGottit round of production. Any Kickstarter backer will have the option to wait a short time later to be able to upgrade to a colored edition.

Can I have it personalized with my own picture?

Yes soon. The iGottit iPad Sleeve will eventually be offered with most personalization requests such as name, company logo, hobbies, favorite interests and personal photos. The customer will be able to go online and pick out their edition, design the layout and upload data they want to have placed on the product. The iGottit Company will also be seeking licensing agreements so that our customer can order and personalize their iGottit Sleeve with their favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, fraternities, sororities, golf courses, cities etcetera.

What material is iGottit made out of?

The iGottit is constructed out of very durable fabrics and materials. There 5 components or layers that make up the product beginning with the water proof nylon back with sewn in soft fold over elastic web finger loops. On the other side of the nylon back there is a two layer protective system using a 3mm hard form plastic glued to a 5mm soft foam rubber slice. These layers will be sewn to the inside protective skin that the iPad back will touch and is made of soft neoprene or similar synthetic material. The iPad is held in place by 4 corners and sides made of soft neoprene.

Is there a discount for quantity orders? If so, what is it?

iGottit Company will be offering a commercial discount to our larger corporate, small business owner, public and public facility customers who would like to outfit company tablets with the iGottit.

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