Patent Nº: US 9,259,076

Patent Date: Feb. 16, 2016

Inventors: Gayler; William (Las Vegas, NV)

Assignee: Origin Applications, LLC (Park City, UT)

Family ID: 50824468

Case for electronic tablet device

An electronic tablet case includes a body configured to receive an electronic tablet and one or more sets of finger loops on a rear surface of the body. The finger loops are configured to receive a user’s individual fingers thereby allowing the user to hold the case and electronic tablet with one hand while operating the electronic tablet with the other hand. In one version, there are four sets of finger loops spaced (i.e., one set along each edge) about a perimeter of the rear of the body. The case may be fabricated of four layers of materials comprising: a waterproof outer layer, rigid protective layer, durable padded layer and non-scratch inner layer. A neoprene face perimeter layer connected to a body defines a sleeve for receiving a tablet Distinguishable portions of the case identify functional tablet buttons there-under allowing a user to operate the tablet by pressing the distinguishable portions.

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